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Global Schools: Learning for the Future – communication, and sharing ideas and approaches will be a key feature of this exciting new 3 year project, with the aim of putting Global Education at the core of learning in primary schools.  It is run by CDEC, funded by EU and will take place throughout Cumbria. 10 European countries are involved: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Spain and UK. Cumbria is linked with Trento in Italy who is the lead partner.
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Map Your Meal – is a 3 year project that helps young people understand the impact of global food production on people and planet and supports them to join an international community of young people, youth leaders and educators committed to act for a fair and sustainable world.
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The World From Our Doorstep – this 3 year project is designed to explore three main learning themes: the concept of interconnectedness (local-global links), sustainability, and fairness (through Fairtrade). It will do so by using a range of stimulating learning resources (story books & topic boxes), approaches such as story telling, outdoor / experiential learning, and enquiry. The overall objective is to raise awareness and change the attitudes of young children towards development issues and ensure they can take action to support sustainable ways of living.
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Global Literacy for a Fairer World! – as a project was funded by the European Commission from 20111-2014.  The project was for teachers and children who wish to learn more about global issues, to tackle poverty, and to work together to take action to make the world a fairer place.  As a result of this project schools across the UK, Poland, Ghana and the Czech Republic produced lots of classroom materials and learning resources available to download from our project website here 

Makutano Junction – The Makutano Junction project successfully worked with 29 primary schools across the county between 2013-15, developing and  trialling 25 innovative KS2 global learning resources based on the acclaimed Kenyan soap opera ‘Makautano Junction’. KS2 Resources can be found here – or contact CDEC for more information