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Resources for Sale

Big Story Books (Early Years)

Lily’s Local Picnic

Lily’s Local Picnic is the story of a young girl who wonders where her food comes from. In order to find out, she decides to organise a picnic made up from local produce. Lily sets out on a journey around her local area to gather items for her picnic, discovering local food growers and craftspeople as she goes, and shares her picnic together with friends at the end.

Lily’s Local Picnic has been created as part of a global learning project for younger children (aged 3-8) called ‘The World from our Doorstep’, which helps explore the themes of interconnectedness, sustainability and fairness. The book includes some activity and discussion ideas at its end.

Thea Discovers Chocolate!

Thea Discovers Chocolate! Is the story of the journey of Fairtrade chocolate from a cocoa farm in Belize, on ships and lorries, to Thea’s local shop. It is has been created as part of ‘The World from our Doorstep’ project, aimed at children of 3 to 8 years of age. Teachers and parents can use Thea Discovers Chocolate! to explore the big ideas of being a global citizen with their children. There are some activity and discussion ideas at the end of the book.