Resources for Sale

Resources for Sale

Teachers' Aids

Global Literacy for a Fairer World (Challenge and Enquiry Pack)

This resource pack for teachers will help you and your children learn more about global issues, tackling poverty and taking action to make the world a fairer place.

You will find that the resource aims to help you:

  • help children understand the interdependence between Europe and the global south and make progress is taking meaningful action to support global justice
  • be better equipped to challenge myths about development, food security, trade, environment and poverty issues through your teaching.

The Challenge and Enquiry Pack is split into accessible sections, with each chapter being colour coded and each lesson plan following the same format. In total, you will find 10 generic global activities based on the three broad themes of global thinking, critical thinking and how to take action. There are 10 lessons of 50-60 minutes.

World from our Doorstep Practitioner Handbook (Global Education for children aged 3-8)

Use this handbook to create global learning opportunities for younger children to help build conditions for them to think, act and learn differently, giving them the opportunity to develop global-mindedness. It contains a range of activities and lesson ideas that have been tried and tested with younger children, and will lay the foundations of global learning in your own work with children aged 3 to 8 years.

Many of the activities included here take inspiration from the activities developed alongside the Meet Zogg, Lily’s Local Picnic and Thea Discover Chocolate! story books, and it is useful to have these three books at hand too (also available from CDEC).

Philosophy for Global Learning: Tried and Tested Stimuli

Now reprinted, this popular teachers' aid - Philosophy for Global Learning - is available once again to purchase from CDEC.

If you want to teach global awareness to children through the structure of Philosophy for Children, (P4C), this is the perfect resource. It is a flexible and practical resource for teachers of all levels of experience. Philosophy for Global Learning is aimed for use with children in Key Stage 2 but some parts can be used with younger children.

Divided into three sections, with an introduction, P4C Session and resources, much of the P4C session section has split pages to help you mix and match activities and stimuli.